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Targeted and Effective Placement Solutions

Our state-of-the-art process produces introductions to quality candidates for hiring managers of all industries. We increase efficiency in the overall hiring process while reducing the internal burden of hiring throughout the organization. Pairing our talent consulting services with Predictive Index not only increases talent retention/hiring effectiveness, but also drives better results due to increased team chemistry!

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Supporting our clients’ needs with a proven track record of direct placement.

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Our Services

Our team is committed to providing exceptional recruiting services that drive results.

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Job Seekers / Positions

View our various job opportunities across various industries and businesses.

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Consulting / Predictive Index

Having the right people in the right places is key to the success of any business.

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Why a Boutique Firm?

A boutique talent consulting firm would be attractive to companies that have hiring challenges because of the personalized service and specialized expertise they offer. Unlike larger recruiting firms, boutique firms tend to have a specific focus or niche in the industry, and can therefore offer more targeted and effective solutions. They also tend to have more time to devote to each client, allowing for a more in-depth and customized approach to finding the right candidates.

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How Our Network Benefits You

Our firm’s strong networks and relationships within our specific industry, gives us access to a wider pool of qualified candidates. A boutique talent consulting firm can provide companies with a more specialized and personalized approach to finding the right candidates, and access to a wider pool of qualified candidates through their industry networks.